Brief for the
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We are glad that you have chosen us to develop your website. Please fill out the brief, it will not take you more than 5 minutes, and it will help us to get acquainted with your business in more detail, to identify your weaknesses and strengths, and help you stand out from your competitors.
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Main information
What kind of site
Choose one or more design options that you like.
Salient features in web design:
-2D graphics;
-Minimum of photos;
-Contrasting color schemes;
-Monochrome backgrounds that delimit content.
Salient features in web design:
-Simplicity and clarity;
-Plenty of free space;
-Minimum of graphic elements, photos;
-2-3 colors are used.
Salient features in web design:
-Vector illustration;
-2D graphics;
-Minimum of photos;
-Contrasting color schemes.
Salient features in web design:
-Simplicity and clarity;
-Possible emphasis on typography, large fonts;
-Minimum of graphic elements, photos;
-2-3 colors are used.
Promo design
Salient features in web design:
-Large photos and videos;
-Plenty of free space;
-Emphasis of highlighted elements;
-Big headlines.
Salient features in web design:
-Decorative fonts;
-Textures, patterns;
-Lack of bright photos;
-Pastel shades.
Contact Information
The name of the company
Write the full or abbreviated name of your company
Your company website
Enter the address of the existing website of your company, if any
The contact person
Write the name and contacts of the person who will be responsible for creating the site on your part
About company
Field of activity
Indicate the directions that need to be indicated on the site.
Description of the service
Describe the main qualities of the service: features, benefits for the client
Company advantages and features
Write why your customers choose you
Provide links to the sites of your main competitors. You can write what your competitors like and dislike
The target audience
Describe the main types of your clients. Example: young people, 25-30 years old, above average income, interested in sports and travel.
Write, address (country, city where the service will be provided)
Information about the site
Promotions, discounts and USP
Describe your current promotions and discounts, what special offer can be placed on the site?
Do you have any graphic materials?
Photos, icons, advertising brochures, printing, etc.
Do you have a corporate identity?
Is there a logo, name, advertising slogan?
Preferred colors
If there is no preference, the designer will select the color scheme
Purpose of website creation
Write what exactly the client should do on the site: buy, leave a request, download a price list, etc.
Sites you like
Attach links to sites (3-5) that you like. Write what you like and why
Additional Information
Write what else you want to see on the landing page. Here you can specify your wishes, expectations and requirements in a free form
Technical requirements
Do you need integration with additional services?
CRM system, calendar, calculator, personal account, online booking, product catalog, payment systems, delivery service, own domain.
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